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At Big Sky ABA, we strive to bring you the most progressive, personalized, and effective ABA. We believe in empowering children with autism to talk, learn, and grow so they can live a life they value. This will not only benefit the children we work with but families, therapists, and the community as a whole. 

Our use of the PEAK and ACT curriculum will teach your child how to learn so they can reach their potential outside of the ABA setting. 

Empowering children with autism

Autism and ABA
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Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder. This means that it effects almost every aspect of the person's life but it is a spectrum, so it effects everyone differently. It is common for people with autism to experience a delay in developing language, social skill deficits, developmental delays, and minor to major problem behaviors. Autism also gives people a unique way of looking at the world, that can be a really beautiful and beneficial trait. 

At Big Sky ABA, we embrace the uniqueness of autism and each individual we serve, while coming alongside them to empower them to learn skills that will help them develop a life that is meaningful to them. 


Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy is the only treatment for autism recognized by surgeon general. It is evidence-based, meaning we track the learner's progress to make sure it is helping them. The purpose is to teach language, social skills, academic skills, and reduce any problem behavior that is interfering with the child's life. ABA targets skills that are important to the child's development and independence with a strong focus on language. 

What does ABA look like?

ABA is typically conducted in a one-to-one setting with a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) and is highly individualized to meet the needs of each child. First, assessments are conducted to determine where your child is at on several different categories. Next, several programs, or learning targets are selected and taught through discrete trial training (DTT). Discrete trail training is using repeated presentations of similar questions or tasks for the learner to complete. The therapist then provides the appropriate guidance and plenty of positive reinforcement until the learner has mastered the skill and can complete it independently. More information about what ABA looks like can be found HERE

autism and aba








At Big Sky ABA, we provide the most progressive practice using the PEAK and ACT curricula in combination with highly trained and effective staff so we can make meaningful impact in children's lives. Peak is a "contemporary, evidence-based, language training curriculum" which teaches children how to learn. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy teaches children to live value-based lives.

There are four modules to the PEAK curriculum and one main book we use for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The four PEAK modules include the Direct Training, Generalization, Equivalence, and Transformation. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Children with Autism and Emotional Disorders is the book used for ACT in ABA. 


Depending on the child's functioning level, assessment scores, and what parents value the child learning, the therapy team will compile a set of skills to work on from one or all of these books. You can visit the PEAK website to scan the most recent PEAK research, and read more about the curriculum. Click on the buttons on the side to see a youtube video created by Dr. Lindsey Holtsman which shows an example from each PEAK module.  

Big Sky ABA is currently only providing in-home therapy to allow you more flexibility with scheduling and to minimize the inconvenience to your life. Also, children benefit from learning in their natural environment!

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