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A career in ABA can be one of the most rewarding careers as you get to make real change in children's lives.

Someone considering a career in ABA should be excited by seeing changes and progress in a child's behavior. They should be ready to learn and able to face challenges as an opportunity to make real change. At Big Sky ABA, we focus on education and training of staff and offer performance-based raises.  

Registered Behavior technician (RBT)

No experience, or initial certification necessary but highly preferred. We will help you attain this certification, and cover the costs. A high school diploma, or equivalent, and reliable transportation required.  This is a part-time position at this time.

As a registered behavior technician, you directly deliver the therapy, record data, and communicate with the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and the family.  To learn more about what ABA therapy looks like, check out the main page of this website. You will learn to apply many different behavior analytic technologies which will help you change the lives of children with autism. You will implement teaching programs from the most advanced curriculum available in ABA, and learn how to reduce problem behaviors.

Being an ABA therapist is truly one of the most rewarding jobs out there.

Board Certified assistant behavior analyst (BCaBA)

Experience necessary. If you are an RBT pursuing a BCaBA certification, you can receive free, quality supervision while working at Big Sky ABA. Previous or current education in Behavior Analysis is necessary. Must have reliable transportation.


As a BCaBA, you will share many of the responsibilities of the RBT but you will also be able to assist in training RBTs, have more responsibilities in entering and analyzing data, and program management on your cases. 

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Certification and experience necessary. If you are a BCaBa pursuing BCBA certification, you can receive free, quality supervision while working at Big Sky ABA. Must have reliable transportation. An understanding of Relational Frame Theory (RFT) highly preferred. 

As a BCBA, you will supervise and train RBTs and BCaBAs. You will be responsible for the case-management of 5-7 children. Performance-based pay raises are offered. Big Sky ABA uses progressive treatment and seeks BCBAs which are open to continual learning and who are driven to provide the highest quality ABA. 

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